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 This interactive plush duckling will be a real friend for your child. Your kid can play with the plush toy, which tells a fascinating story about itself.

You can listen to the story by clicking the button under the duckling’s wing. Also, if necessary, you can pause playback by clicking the “Pause” button, which is located on the next wing. The audio was recorded by professional actors and accompanied by real-life sound effects, it makes your kid feel the air of an amazing story and experience a high level of realism.

Your child will gladly take a plush duckling to bed, falling asleep to the sounds of a wonderful fairy tale, embracing a soft toy with many positive emotions. This interactive toy is a great gift for children. The toy requires three  AAA batteries (not included) to run.

Usage instruction
To turn on the audiobook you shall carefully press the button located under the duckling’s right-wing (until you hear it beep). To play the story, you shall press the same button again. To pause the story, slightly press the left-wing. To continue the story, press the left wing again. To turn off the gadget, you shall click the button under the right-wing (hold the button until you hear a double beep).


Presentation of the audiobook part                                                                                                               

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 27 cm

Audiobook, ISBN-13: 978-2-9570056-3-5


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