The strength of every society lies essentially on the upbringing and education.

Image is more important for today’s culture, it could often blur the lines between right and wrong. That’s why in today’s globalizing world responsible parents more often think about their children’s priorities and values? How to take care of children’s psychological safety? How is a child to be shown a plausible scenario of upcoming future?

Such thoughts led me to create a series of stories for the youngest children. They are written in opposition to modern ultra-exciting, super technological trends. In these stories I recall the importance of unity with nature, based on the simple principles of love to near. Each story reveals one of the human life’s moral aspects through examples and images understandable for the smallest reader.

I emphasize the information’s importance that a child receives at a very young age. This forms the basic stereotypes of children’s behavior, helps to build relationships with the outside world throughout life.

How to protect your children and make the right choice among books, toys and other gadgets? It’s high time to give your buying a proper thought.

I dedicate my first story about the brave duckling to my wonderful, wise grandmother (Lisna Evdokia), who discovered the wonderful richness of life for me. 

This is my grandmother’s tenderness filled my childhood. My story was based on an unforgettable summer vacation spent in the village. Summer passed amidst lush grasses and wildflowers, surrounded by many lovely animals and even a duckling, brought up by a chicken mother.


Contemplating inspiration

I present to you a gift set, which includes a hardback book and a plush interactive toy. I decided to supplement the book with the effect of a “revived” toy to attract children's attention and its long-term retention, especially for hyperactive children. Thus, you can read a book with your child admiring colorful illustrations. Also, your child can independently turn on the audiobook by pressing a button on his plush duckling and listen to the recording made by professional actors.

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