It is important what information the child receives at a very young age. This forms the basic stereotypes of children’s behavior, helps to build relationships with the outside world throughout life.

How to protect your children and make the right choice among books, toys and other gadgets? It’s time to start thinking seriously about what things are in our home?

The Book

    This is a story about a little duckling who by chance ended up in a chicken family. Despite significant external differences from his brothers, he was surrounded by parental love and care.

    When a critical moment occurred with a threat to the life of his brother – chicken, he without hesitation rushed to help him. This confirmed the unshakable value of sentiment in the family.

    The moral of this story is that it does not matter what the appearance is. The main value has always been and will be – this is what a kind heart is.

The audiobook

brought to you by a wonderful plush duckling.


This interactive plush duckling will be a real friend for your child. Your kid can play with the plush toy, which tells a fascinating story about itself.

You can listen to the story by clicking the button under the duckling’s wing. Also, if necessary, you can pause playback by clicking the “Pause” button, which is located on the next wing. The audio was recorded by professional actors and accompanied by real-life sound effects, it makes your kid feel the air of an amazing story and experience a high level of realism.

Your child will gladly take a plush duckling to bed, falling asleep to the sounds of a wonderful fairy tale, embracing a soft toy with many positive emotions. This interactive toy is a great gift for children. The toy requires three  AAA  batteries (not included) to run.


The super gift box

includes a hardback book and an interactive plush toy.  

You can read this book with your child, enjoying beautiful illustrations. Your child can also turn this audio on by himself. It’s only one click away! A record, made by professional actors and accompanied by sound effects will make anyone experience a high level of realism too.
At bedtime, it will be nice to fall asleep listening to a wonderful fairy tale, embracing the plush duckling and many positive emotions with it. This box will be a superb, educational gift for little children. The toy operates with three  AAA  batteries (not included).



 Enjoy listening and good reading !

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